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Your SHSG is providing all Matriculated HSG students a Chance to learn Basic and Advanced Excel online, along with an Introduction to Data Science, and Photoshop Elements. We are offering this Service together with the Filtered platform, which personalizes the learning material to each user. It makes learning much more efficient by pinpointing skill gaps and filtering out material that you don't need or already know.

The Institute for Business education (WiP├Ąd) recommends all courses in the Excel Basic Package.

Getting started is easy, just enter your details in the form opposite. 

The courses are entirely online, accessible 24/7 and are designed as follows:

  • Take the IQ test to discover your current ability   
  • Click 'Start Course' and take the filter to customise the course for your role and knowledge level
  • Work through the course and take your second IQ test upon completion to see your improvement



£5 per month

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